Our team concentrates on all aspects of your production which involve data acquisition, transfer or delivery. Here are some of the common services we provide.


Production Improvement

Our main focus in this area is to ensure that production people are able to concentrate on smooth production flow, not extensive data focused tasks which could be easily automated.

Data Acquisition, Transfer & Delivery




Customer Specific Platforms



On-Site Training

     Sending your team to training and running production at the same time can be a challenging task. This task becomes even harder when the training requires overnight stays and other accumulated expenses.

    Let us simplify this task for you by coming to your facility and training your team when it is convenient to you. Our team has the knowledge and experience in the latest technologies such as:

  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Advanced Computer Skills
  • Networking & Cyber Security
  • Siemens & Allen Bradley PLC
  • Ignition Software
  • MSSQ Database

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